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Tis The Season

Garden Fairy Doors - Going out the Door - GardenFairies.caWe haven’t posted any projects in a while…

The Elves have been busy, shipping out Holiday orders!

But that hasn’t stopped the Fairies from getting into the Christmas Spirit.

They’re decking their halls! (With a dollar store Christmas light-up necklace!)

Garden Fairy Doors - Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - GardenFairies.ca



Festive frolicking is afoot!

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A Fairy Letter in the Mail

Hola from Costa Rica!

Well, the nights turned cold. The days were rainy and windy. It was time for Violet Prettypetal to head for warmer climes.

A Letter from a Fairy - Garden Fairy Project Blog - GardenFairies.caSo magically the fairy door in our little neighbor’s yard disappeared a few weeks ago, and Violet was on her way to her next adventure. She found herself a nice warm spot in Costa Rica. It took her a while to get there, but it was well worth the trip, according to the little letter she sent.

This little project is super easy. Make yourself a little envelope. On the internet, find some colorful pictures of the magical land your fairy has flittered off to. Print them, cut them. Write a little note.
Oh, and while you’re on the internet, search for images of postage stamps. Find some cute ones. Shrink them down teeny tiny, print them and cut them too.

Now, obviously, we need Mom’s help to place it in their mailbox. For surely, the postal carrier would lose this tiny 2 x 3-1/2 inch envelope! Not to mention the stamps are only real in MY mind.

There you have it. No special skills or tools required!



Fairy Bowls

These will bowl you over!

Fairy Bowls - Garden Fairy Project Blog - GardenFairies.caWhat are they, you ask? 

They’re Fairy Bowls. 

And this COULD be one of the easiest fairy craft projects so far!   I figured I owed you something a little simpler after the Painstaking Pinwheel Project…

Find yourself some hazelnut caps or acorn caps.  Fall is here, so you should soon be able to find some in any park or neighbor’s back yard!  Very gently sand the bottom of the cap, so that it will sit flat like a bowl.  Find some carpenter glue – or regular old white glue.  The thicker the glue, the better.  Squirt some into an old lid, or some wax paper or tin foil.  Now all you need is something to color your glue.  I used alcohol inks.  But you could use a few drops of acrylic paint, fabric dye powder, even some koolaid powder!  Mix the glue – and whatever you’re using to color the glue – with a toothpick.  Get a little paint brush.  If you don’t have one, a cotton swab, or even your finger, will do.  Just something to apply the glue to the inside of the cap.  Coat the inside liberally, making sure the paint goes all the way up to the edge on the inside.  Don’t worry if it seems like too much.  The excess will settle at the bottom of the cap and even itself out.  Leave your little caps to dry for a day or two.  When completely dry, the inside will be hard, shiny and smooth, like a little piece of Fairy pottery. 

Have fun and keep the magic alive!

Cheers, Lorie







Fairy Pinwheel – This Really Blows!

This Totally Blows!

A Tiny Fairy Pinwheel, that is!

Fairy Pinwheel - Fairy Project Blog - GardenFairies.caI’ve been pondering this project for a month or more, trying to figure out just exactly how to do it…. I wanted it to twirl, like a real one, if you blew on it. I’m warning you now, this project is for the crazy crafty type. It’s finicky, and requires a few tools any serious crafter would already have on hand, namely a riveting tool called the Crop a Dial by We R Memory Keepers.

You need some silver mylar sticker off-cuts. Yes, I know you can’t just go out and find yourself some of that! But I had some. I got it from a very awesome store in Vancouver called Urban Source. It’s an adorable little place for ‘alternative art materials’. They collect useable off-cuts, discards and over-stock from 100 different local industries. You can find the most awesome one-of-a-kind art materials, and even better, all this stuff is being kept from the land fill! I’m sure most larger cities have a place similar to this.Fairy Pinwheel Supplies - Fairy Project Blog - GardenFairies.ca

Anyway. Just recently we were there foraging for awesome fairy stuff, when I came across these sparkly sheets of mylar sticker off-cuts. I grabbed them, not knowing yet, what I would use them for.

And then it hit me! This is perfect for my itsy bitsy pinwheel. I had experimented with regular paper, but it wouldn’t bend nicely, it just folded in on itself. And, it wasn’t very sturdy either. I needed something that had some spring and would keep the bowed-out shape. I cut a little square of this sticker stuff, peeled off the backing and placed a piece of brightly colored paper on the sticky side. I now had a two-sided piece that could be bent into a pinwheel.

Fairy Pinwheel Pattern - Fairy Project Blog - GardenFairies.caThe measurements for this teeny tiny pinwheel are 1-1/4” square.  I then punched a small hole in the center. Took some little scissors and cut lines up from each corner. I then punched little holes in every other point. I found that the easiest way to accomplish the finicky task of folding the pinwheel, was to take a round toothpick, poke it through the centre hole, and then bend each tip with a hole, onto the toothpick as well, putting a little dab of glue between each layer. I made a makeshift ‘clamp’ to keep the layers together while it dried, by using a pair of long tweezers, and then using a little fold-back clip to keep the tweezers closed. Once the glue had dried, I took my Crop A Dial riveting tool, punched through the existing center hole again, to make sure that I had a nice clean-edged hole down the center of all the layers …to fit the tiny rivet smoothly. Once the rivet was set in place, the hard part was over! I put a little seed bead and cute little sequin on a headpin, threaded it through the rivet hole, then the pinwheel, another bead on the back of the pinwheel, to give it a little room between it and the stick, for easy twirling. I found a little stick, drilled a 1/16” hole in it, and glued everything together. And there you have it. A Fairy Pinwheel.

Click here to open a PDF Pinwheel Template (Like the one shown above)

Click below to watch a quick video… it really blows!

Like I said, not for beginner crafters. But it’s so darn cute, it was worth all the effort. I hope our little neighbor friend is going to love it!


Have fun and keep the magic alive!

Cheers, Lorie



Making Fairy Kites

Come Fly With Me!

This might be my craftiest fairy project so far. A little more complicated than some of the previous little projects.

Making Fairy Kites | Garden Fairy Project Blog | GardenFairies.caIvy and Leaf got new kites! And promptly got them stuck on the roof of the wishing well.

Unfortunately, I made these before I decided to start sharing my fairy projects here. So I don’t have any exact dimensions. But here is the gist of it. I found some fancy paper, cut a kite-shape. I carefully turned all the edges under, probably an 1/8 of an inch. I cut two toothpicks the length and width of the kite. Now that I think of it, I believe the kite is the height of a toothpick…. Glue the toothpicks like a cross and then glue that onto the back of the kite paper. I then glued some little bits of yarn and ribbon to the bottom for a tail. Poked a hole in the kite where the toothpicks cross on the back, thread a length of thin string through the hole, tying it to the cross on the back. Then wrap the other end of the string around a little twig to make the spool. Put a little dab of glue on the spool to prevent it from unwinding.

And tada! Easy Peasy. Well, no, not really, but they turned out great and, I think, well worth all the effort!

Have fun and keep the magic alive!

Cheers, Lorie

Making Fairy Kites | Garden Fairy Project Blog | GardenFairies.ca Making Fairy Kites | Garden Fairy Project Blog | GardenFairies.ca






Fairy Swimming Pond

What a ‘Cool’ Idea – A Fairy Swimming Pond 

A while back I mentioned the neato swimming pond we were making for the fairies, but somehow I forgot to blog about it when it was finally complete.  Last summer was an exceptionally hot summer up here in Vancouver.  The fairies next door were really suffering from the heat (as we all were).  They needed some way to refresh themselves and cool off.  So I put my thinking cap on, and came up with a pretty “cool” idea, if I DO say so myself! 

Swimming Pool - Garden Fairies Project Blog - GardenFairies.caTurns out a sardine can – or smoked oyster can – is the perfect shape – and just the right size for a fairy to do a lap or two.  I used some alcohol inks to die the inside of the can a mottled blue, with a little bit of greenish marbling, to give the illusion of depth and ripples.  And how will I decorate the outside of my pond?  I just so happened to have a branch of plastic leaves in my Craft Room… (which will come as NO surprise to anyone who knows me, or has been following along with my projects!)  I made some small holes just under the rim of the can with a metal punch.  But you could certainly make holes with a good old hammer and nail.  I also punched holes in the leaves, and then took some raffia and “sewed” the leaves around the edge of the tin.  You know, just to make it a little more magical.    But you could decorate the outside of the can in so many other clever ways.  Maybe glue some small pebbles on the outside, or some bark.  I’m sure you can come up with something just as clever. 

Swimming Pool - Garden Fairies Project Blog - GardenFairies.caWhen the swimming pond showed up, filled with water, it looked pretty sweet, I must say.  Pansy and Poppy asked our little friend if she would please help them keep it full of water, because it was so heavy for them to carry water from the river miles away.  And you know what?  She did!  Every time we left a surprise at the fairy door – that swimming pond was full to the top.  What a sweetie. 

Have fun and keep the magic alive!

Cheers, Lorie






Fairy Treasure Hunt – Year 2

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Treasure Hunt

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Fairy Money

Last summer, I shared the story of the lucky penny our sweet little neighbor left for Petal and Thorn, and the itsy bitsy lucky fairy penny, they left in return. We told her this lucky fairy penny was strictly for good luck and that our real money was shells.  I just happened to have tiny… Continue Reading

Stringing You Along

Last Summer, our little neighbor left a note telling her fairies what she liked to do… Soccer, gymnastics, rollerblading. She asked what Pansy and Poppy liked to do. They said they liked to skip rope – and were VERY good at it! (We also told her we liked to swim – stay tuned for the… Continue Reading