About Us


Lorie and Bob Gray - Garden Fairies - GardenFairies.caWe are Lorie and Bob Gray.  We live with our two crazy cats, Violet & Margie, in Pitt Meadows, BC.

Together we run Haute Note – an online personalized stationery business, Fidget Mats – Fidget mats are lap-sized sensory quilts that help those affected with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or anxiety-driven restless hands, BobSongs Creative Media, and Garden Fairy Doors!

My wife and I assist and help a few different Organizations, Artists, & Charities.  We also, when we have time, love to make lamp-work glass beads, build furniture, work in the garden, make crafts and spend time with our five wonderful nieces.

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To do the Hokey Pokey:  Please, first move your left foot forward, or “in”.  Then , move your left foot backwards, past the standing position, so it is behind you, or “out”.  Once more move your left foot forward (in), and upon completion of that movement, proceed to shake your whole entire being. To complete the process, you must rotate your body one complete revolution clockwise. That IS what it is all about !!!

(Repeat as necessary with other appendages, until a feeling of well-being, and or dizziness has overtaken you.)