Fairy Bowls

These will bowl you over!

Fairy Bowls - Garden Fairy Project Blog - GardenFairies.caWhat are they, you ask? 

They’re Fairy Bowls. 

And this COULD be one of the easiest fairy craft projects so far!   I figured I owed you something a little simpler after the Painstaking Pinwheel Project…

Find yourself some hazelnut caps or acorn caps.  Fall is here, so you should soon be able to find some in any park or neighbor’s back yard!  Very gently sand the bottom of the cap, so that it will sit flat like a bowl.  Find some carpenter glue – or regular old white glue.  The thicker the glue, the better.  Squirt some into an old lid, or some wax paper or tin foil.  Now all you need is something to color your glue.  I used alcohol inks.  But you could use a few drops of acrylic paint, fabric dye powder, even some koolaid powder!  Mix the glue – and whatever you’re using to color the glue – with a toothpick.  Get a little paint brush.  If you don’t have one, a cotton swab, or even your finger, will do.  Just something to apply the glue to the inside of the cap.  Coat the inside liberally, making sure the paint goes all the way up to the edge on the inside.  Don’t worry if it seems like too much.  The excess will settle at the bottom of the cap and even itself out.  Leave your little caps to dry for a day or two.  When completely dry, the inside will be hard, shiny and smooth, like a little piece of Fairy pottery. 

Have fun and keep the magic alive!

Cheers, Lorie







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