Making Fairy Kites

Come Fly With Me!

This might be my craftiest fairy project so far. A little more complicated than some of the previous little projects.

Making Fairy Kites | Garden Fairy Project Blog | GardenFairies.caIvy and Leaf got new kites! And promptly got them stuck on the roof of the wishing well.

Unfortunately, I made these before I decided to start sharing my fairy projects here. So I don’t have any exact dimensions. But here is the gist of it. I found some fancy paper, cut a kite-shape. I carefully turned all the edges under, probably an 1/8 of an inch. I cut two toothpicks the length and width of the kite. Now that I think of it, I believe the kite is the height of a toothpick…. Glue the toothpicks like a cross and then glue that onto the back of the kite paper. I then glued some little bits of yarn and ribbon to the bottom for a tail. Poked a hole in the kite where the toothpicks cross on the back, thread a length of thin string through the hole, tying it to the cross on the back. Then wrap the other end of the string around a little twig to make the spool. Put a little dab of glue on the spool to prevent it from unwinding.

And tada! Easy Peasy. Well, no, not really, but they turned out great and, I think, well worth all the effort!

Have fun and keep the magic alive!

Cheers, Lorie

Making Fairy Kites | Garden Fairy Project Blog | Making Fairy Kites | Garden Fairy Project Blog |






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