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Favorite Fairy Things

Hello fellow fairy fans!

Another little project for your fairies to leave!

Our little neighbor asked Petal and Thorn what their favorite things were. So Thorn (with a little help from me… well, mostly I did all the work) made a teeny tiny little book of favorite fairy things.

I’ve included a PDF template of my book and some instructions, to help you create one of your own.

I thought up ten things I was certain fairies would like. I made a small table in Microsoft Word that was 12 columns wide. The first column and the last column were half the width of the other 10 “pages”. Then I searched the web for little images of butterflies, lady bugs, flowers, dragonflies, etc.  I shrunk them down until they fit nicely on my little “pages”. I took some pencil crayons and thoroughly enjoyed a little adult coloring-book time.  (Oh, how I loved to color as a child…)* And, of course, adding a little fairy dust (stickles) wherever possible. Then, I cut around the outside borders of the template, folded the strip in an accordion fashion. Then with a little glue stick on the backside of every other page, I closed all the pages up to make two-sided pages.

Fairy Favorite Things - Pieces    Fairy Favorite Things - Delivered - Fairy Favorite Things - Assembled
Fairy Flutterby - Drawings of whimsy -
My Favourite
Fairy Things
book template
Fairy Favorite Things - Packaged - Fairy Favorite Things - Delivered -

Now for the cover, fold the left side and the right side, inward to make the covers of the book a little thicker, insert the blank “leaflet” on either end inside the cover (tabs A & B on the template) with a little more glue.

Voila! A Book of Favorite Things!

* Just as an aside, it appears that adult coloring books have become the all new rage! Ooh, I have to get me one of those! I can’t even imagine what great stress-reliever that would be, to sit down and do a little coloring. If only I had a few more hours in the day….

Have fun and keep the magic alive!

Cheers, Lorie



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