A Fairy Letter in the Mail

Hola from Costa Rica!

Well, the nights turned cold. The days were rainy and windy. It was time for Violet Prettypetal to head for warmer climes.

A Letter from a Fairy - Garden Fairy Project Blog - GardenFairies.caSo magically the fairy door in our little neighbor’s yard disappeared a few weeks ago, and Violet was on her way to her next adventure. She found herself a nice warm spot in Costa Rica. It took her a while to get there, but it was well worth the trip, according to the little letter she sent.

This little project is super easy. Make yourself a little envelope. On the internet, find some colorful pictures of the magical land your fairy has flittered off to. Print them, cut them. Write a little note.
Oh, and while you’re on the internet, search for images of postage stamps. Find some cute ones. Shrink them down teeny tiny, print them and cut them too.

Now, obviously, we need Mom’s help to place it in their mailbox. For surely, the postal carrier would lose this tiny 2 x 3-1/2 inch envelope! Not to mention the stamps are only real in MY mind.

There you have it. No special skills or tools required!