Fairy Money

Last summer, I shared the story of the lucky penny our sweet little neighbor left for Petal and Thorn, and the itsy bitsy lucky fairy penny, they left in return. We told her this lucky fairy penny was strictly for good luck and that our real money was shells.  I just happened to have tiny little shells – where I got them, I do not know! (although, I’m sure you can pick some up at a craft or hobby store, or maybe even find some on the beach if you are lucky enough to live close to one!) I put them in a tiny little plastic box and left them on the fairy doorstep. You can see just how tiny they were.

Fairy Currency | Garden Fairy Project Blog | GardenFairies.caA few weeks later, talking to Mom, she had the cutest story. The family was at the beach. The kids were busy looking for shells. She asked what they were going to do with the shells. Our little friend, with all the logic of a pretty smart kiddo, said that if she could find a BIG shell for the fairies – they’d be RICH!

Ah, if only that were how life worked….

Happy Spring everyone!


It won’t be much longer, before the fairies come back from Bermuda (and other warm places)!

Have fun and keep the magic alive!