Fairy Lucky Penny

Our little neighbor friend left the Fairies a lucky penny on the fairy doorstep one day.

Fairy Penny - Garden Fairy Projects Blog - GardenFairies.caHere is what they left for her!

(I went rummaging through my junk jewelry box… Found a cheap old brass charm bracelet that had this teeny tiny coin on it. I snipped off the loop. Presto, a lucky fairy penny!)

The Fairies also wrote a clever… (in the Fairies’ opinion) …little poem.

(The picture has a dime in it, just to show the scale of everything.)

And don’t forget the fairy dust. Fairies spread that sparkly stuff EVERYWHERE!

Have fun and keep the magic alive!

Cheers, Lorie

Fairy Umbrella

I hope you’ve already read the story, one tab left, on “How it all Started”.

As promised, on this page, I’m going to share some of our Fairy Projects, Ideas and Inspirations with you, with a view to helping you create them yourself.

No doubt some of you will improve on these Fairy Projects, too!

I’m going to start off with a pretty simple one.

Fairy Umbrella - Projects - GardenFairies.caThis is great if you live somewhere where it rains a lot… Like our lovely city of Vancouver!

Last summer we had one particularly rainy week.

When the rain finally stopped, and the sun came back, Petal and Thorn left this on the fairy door step for our little neighbor.

No special skills required! Just a cocktail drink umbrella and some glitter glue (I use Stickles, but there are a lot of other brands out there). Spruce up the umbrella with a little sparkle – and anything else you might think of. That’s it.

It’s fairy-ly easy!

As an aside, I think that the Fairies have taken over a teeny tiny portion of my brain. I am always looking at things in a different way – what I can transform, that I might normally throw out, and thinking…. how can I fairy-ify these?

You’ll see as we go down this fairy path together, all the things that have been repurposed!

Have fun and keep the magic alive!

Cheers, Lorie

The Projects Blog

Over the coming days and weeks, we hope to use this Blog to document some of the projects we have done… for ourselves, friends, neighbors and their children!

(If you haven’t already been there, a glimpse into how this whole thing started is available on the appropriately-named “How It All Started” page!)

It explains what led us to start thinking and planning all these different Fairy games and projects.

Cheers, Lorie