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Please click through the images in the gallery below, to get a sense of the different styles of fairy doors we sell… or click the link below the gallery, to go to our store!

  • These one-of-a-kind Garden Fairy Doors are made of up-cycled and found woods, and adorned with found objects. No two doors are alike. These doors are designed to lean up against a fence, tree trunk, planter, or wall. - GardenFairies.ca
  • Woodland Fairy Doors are smaller than our Garden Fairy Doors, as they are tiny doorways carved into sections of tree trunks and branches. Their architecture seems to favor and follow the shapes created by Mother Nature. They are particularly fond of pinecone roofs, but as far as color, materials and adornment – anything goes… there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason… but they are gorgeous, whether for inside the house, or out in the garden! - GardenFairies.ca
  • These one-of-a-kind Beachcomber Fairy Doors are made of up-cycled, found woods and pieces of driftwood, and adorned with found objects. No two doors are alike. These doors are designed to lean up against a fence, tree trunk, planter, or wall. - GardenFairies.ca
  • Gnome Homes are different, made from roughly-hewn wood, and many are not decorated artistically, at all… other than the beautiful curves and arches of the wood, made by Mother Nature! They are one-of-a-kind doors, made from wood. Man-made objects are largely eschewed, as they seem to favor more practical hand-made items, such as a planter, mailbox, or a dragonfly house. - GardenFairies.ca
  • Hobbit Holes… the rarest of them all! Made from magnificent branches, they seem to like to mix brightly-colored earth tones with the natural beauty of wood. These doors are ALWAYS round. - GardenFairies.ca
  • These one-of-a-kind Fairy ‘Whim’ Wind Chimes are accessories for your Fairy Garden. Each one is handmade with a magical combination of beads, crystals, baubles, trinkets and vintage jewelry findings. Only Fairies can hear the gentle chiming of the windchime, but you can enjoy this perfect complement to your Garden Fairy Door. - GardenFairies.ca
  • Some fairies are not the outdoorsy types. Indoor Fairy Doors are for mostly homebodies who prefer the warmth of a cozy bookshelf or hidden behind an indoor potted fern. They are for Fairies who are just not interested in the great outdoors or “roughing it”. Their doors come in every style and color, although they tend to be a little more sophisticated, elegant and ornate. - GardenFairies.ca

The fairies we discovered in our backyard have inspired us
to create some magical fairy doors for you, to help
welcome them to your gardens, as well!

In our garden…

Recently, the Garden Fairies have taken up residence in one of our planters, with a coffee pot home, a wishing well, and a tree fort.  Because we own Haute Note – a personalized stationery company, we were MOST excited to see that even magical creatures are a fan of handwritten correspondence!  See the little letters in their mail box?  Perhaps a note from a Gnome back home?  A letter from a Leprechaun?  A Hi Howdy from a Hobbit?  A postcard from a Pixie?  We can only wonder if snails actually deliver the Snail Mail!

Fairy Door, Hobbit Hole, Pixie Portal, Gnome Home - GardenFairies.ca

Take a peek at the video below, and see how creative they’ve been, building their home and accessories from found objects, using twigs, branches, bark, bottle caps, game pieces, wine corks, buttons, old keys and more!

This website is where you can find fairy doors, gnome homes, hobbit holes, pixie portals, and more, to decorate your garden or home, as well as fun and easy fairy projects and ideas.

We offer a number of pages, hints and links to understanding, communicating with, and helping your garden fairies, gnomes and pixies settle into your yard, and bring a sense of wonder, whimsy and imagination to your surroundings!