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Fairy Doors

Each is a one-of-a-kind door, made of wood, and adorned with found objects. Frequently, they are brightly colored, and decorated with shiny metal accents, and embellished with any number of beads, bottle caps, flower pots, or tiny dragon fly houses. (Those are JUST like a bird house, only teeny tiny.) The roofs are mostly made out of split branches.

Woodland Fairy Doors

Beachcomber Fairy Doors

Indoorables – Indoor Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors

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Fairy Door, Hobbit Home, Pixie Portal, Gnome Home -

Fairy Flutterby - Drawings of whimsy -

 Gnome Homes

Made from roughly-hewn wood, and not decorated artistically, at all… other than the beautiful curves and arches of the wood, made by Mother Nature! 

Fairy Flowers - Drawings of whimsy -

They are one-of-a-kind doors, made from wood, but there are no bright colors or decorations.  Man-made objects are eschewed, as they seem to favor more practical hand-made items, such as a planter, mailbox, or a dragon fly house… and never a found object or man-made item in sight.

 Fairy Door, Hobbit Home, Pixie Portal, Gnome Home -

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Hobbit Holes

No two doors are alike.  Made from magnificent branches, the Hobbits seem to like to mix brightly-colored earth tones with the natural beauty Fairy Flowers - Drawings of whimsy - GardenFairies.caof wood.  And the doors ALWAYS seem to be round.  The Hobbits seem to be very independent, and do not care for man-made objects or excessive decorations. 




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