Do you wish you had fairies in your garden?  

Or maybe you already DO have fairies in your garden! 

Why not entice them to stay and play, with a special garden created just for them? 

We have put together a magical box of treasures for you to create a garden that is sure to please your fairies, or entice a new one to come frolic.   

Just a few of the treasures that might be included:  a miniature bird house, a hand painted stone, a magical crystal prism, silk flowers, glass pebble stepping stones, decorative gravel, feathers, pine cones, seed pods, shells, a tiny basket, a lady bug, butterfly, lush moss,  mini mushrooms, and any number of other treasures that might magically present themselves!  All our kits have one larger item, such as a table and little stools, or a little park bench, all quite rustic and made from REAL rescued wood!

Every kit is unique, and thoughtfully curated with different and one-of-a-kind items.

Please check the Etsy Store listings carefully, to see what items each Fairy Garden Kit contains.

Fairy Garden Starter Kits - Fairy Garden Starter Kits -
Fairy Garden Starter Kits -

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Fairy Garden Kits

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 Fairy Garden Starter Kits -  Fairy Garden Starter Kits -
Purple Fairy Garden Kit - 2 Fairy Garden Starter Kits -
Fairy Garden Starter Kits -