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Fairy Names

Sometimes you need a little help or inspiration…

What is YOUR fairy’s name:

Find out here…

Pick the first letter
of YOUR First Name

Pick the first letter
of YOUR Last Name

Letter First Name
A Ivy
B Leaf
C Pansy
D Merry
E Petal
F Rain
G Azalea
H Leaf
I Poppy
J Windy
K Twinkle
L Sprite
M Bud
N Daisy
O Posy
P Rosemary
Q Shimmer
R Thorn
S Dew
T Holly
U Pebble
V Twig
W Iris
X Stormy
Y Frost
Z Primrose
Alt. Dabbling
Alt. Sandy
Alt. Rosebud
Letter First Name
A Babblebrook
B Dewberry
C Honeyclover
D Mossybottom
E Snappingtwig
F Wispywind
G Brambleberry
H Dustywings
I Tipsymoss
J Rambler
K Wanderwillow
L Moonfluff
M Flutterpuddle
N Tanglevine
O Pricklethistle
P Morningglory
Q Buttercup
R Hollowtree
S Flowerbloom
T Willowbug
U Ticklewisp
V Hazelberry
W Prettypetals
X Moonbeam
Y Silvermist
Z Tricklebrook
Alt. Puddlewinks
Alt. Tangleberry
Alt. Willowwhiskers

Combine them together, and you’ve got your Fairy’s name!

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