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Fairy Christmas Card

It has been a busy time, at the Garden Fairy Doors workshop… lots of doors being sold, and new door designs aplenty!  (Click here to go to our Etsy Shop, to see what’s new!) Not much time for sharing project ideas… hopefully there will be more time for that, after the Holidays are over. However,… Continue Reading

God’s Eye Craft

So, one day Petal Willowbug got the biggest surprise! A gift was waiting at the fairy door for her. But not from the little girl next door – from her brother! He made her a fairy-ly “free form” little dress out of purple felt.  Really too adorable for words. In return, Petal and Thorn made… Continue Reading

When Life Gives You Grapes

Today’s post is not really a ‘project’ for you, but a quick note on finding inspiration and magic in everyday items… which turned into something Petal and Thorn “dropped off” for our little neighbor, recently. Someone gave us these teeny tiny little grapes. You can see by the first picture, just how small they are… Continue Reading

Making A Ladybug

Hello again! Here’s a pretty easy one. Not nearly as much serious crafting skills required as the Favorite Things book! Our little friend next door, asked what it was like to be a fairy.  So Petal and Thorn left her this note, and two little treasures. Teensy weensy lady bugs. All you need – is… Continue Reading

Favorite Fairy Things

Hello fellow fairy fans! Another little project for your fairies to leave! Our little neighbor asked Petal and Thorn what their favorite things were. So Thorn (with a little help from me… well, mostly I did all the work) made a teeny tiny little book of favorite fairy things. I’ve included a PDF template of… Continue Reading

Fairy Lucky Penny

Our little neighbor friend left the Fairies a lucky penny on the fairy doorstep one day. Here is what they left for her! (I went rummaging through my junk jewelry box… Found a cheap old brass charm bracelet that had this teeny tiny coin on it. I snipped off the loop. Presto, a lucky fairy… Continue Reading

Fairy Umbrella

I hope you’ve already read the story, one tab left, on “How it all Started”. As promised, on this page, I’m going to share some of our Fairy Projects, Ideas and Inspirations with you, with a view to helping you create them yourself. No doubt some of you will improve on these Fairy Projects, too!… Continue Reading

The Projects Blog

Over the coming days and weeks, we hope to use this Blog to document some of the projects we have done… for ourselves, friends, neighbors and their children! (If you haven’t already been there, a glimpse into how this whole thing started is available on the appropriately-named “How It All Started” page!) It explains what… Continue Reading